Undergraduate Research

ACM-Newberry Seminar students pursue independent research projects while at the Newberry, culminating in an article-length paper and a research presentation.

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Examples of Past Research Projects

  • “‘Things, Not Names’: Rev. Alfred Riggs and Native Agency at the Santee Normal Training School,” Morgan Lippert, Beloit College (ACM 2019)
  • “Black Blood and the Professionalization of Obstetrics in Nineteenth Century America,” Jenn Chung, Amherst College (ACM 2019)
  • “Epistemologies and the Queer Life Course: The Institute for Juvenile Research and the Chicago School of Sociology, 1921-1948,” Cavan Bonner, Kalamazoo College (ACM 2019)
  • “‘Justice’ for our ‘Red Children:’ White Perceptions of the Sauk and Meskwaki Nations in Literature and Academia from the Louisiana Purchase to the Present Day,” Thomas Teasdale, Grinnell College (ACM 2018)
  • “Self-Perception in 20th-Century American Circus Memoir,” Ellen Ward-Packard, Oberlin College (ACM 2018)
  • “Matchbooks and Mass Culture: Social Messages, Inequalities, and Conflicts in 1940s America,” Herbert Dittersdorf, Kenyon College (ACM 2017)
  • “Where be Dragons? Nature and Medieval Monsters,” Ben Ludgin, Lake Forest College (ACM 2017)

A more comprehensive list of past ACM-Newberry student research topics can be found on the ACM website.